Molecular biology

Extensive experience with macromolecule (RNA, DNA, & protein) manipulation, cell-based reporter assays, and immunoassays.

Data analysis

Proficient at DNA/protein sequence manipulation, alignment, and generation of Bayesian and maximum-likelihood  species trees or gene trees.


Specialization in resolving issues with an assay, methodology, or experimental approach to generate reliable and robust data.


Over 30 peer-reviewed publications in a wide variety of subject areas.

I’m a research scientist in the laboratory of Dr Josh Snodgrass.

My primary focus is developing and validating assays to measure various health and aging-related biomarkers in dried spots and saliva as part of the World Health Organization’s Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE).

In addition, I’m working with PIs Nelson Ting and Kirstin Sterner and their graduate student, Noah Simons, to evaluate the effects of cis-regulatory variation on immune gene expression in red colobus monkeys using RNA-seq and cell line models to gain insight into the mechanisms underlying host-pathogen disease associations.

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